Design data models, edit transformation projects and publish services - all in one collaborative cloud platform. The first complete solution for INSPIRE Data Providers and Consumers.
Trusted Open Source for data harmonisation. Analyse, transform and validate complex, big data sets with this interactive Desktop/Server environment.
We make Open Standards work.
Do you need to implement INSPIRE?

INSPIRE is the European Spatial Data Infrastructure. Providers of spatial data in more than 40 countries make their data accessible for better data usability across borders and organisations. In 9 of the 34 themes, full data interoperability has to be achieved by November 2017. Our full solution stack enables you to handle all challenges related to INSPIRE data harmonisation and publishing with ease.

Transform your data with the #1 Open Source spatial ETL tool to make it INSPIRE interoperable.
Publish INSPIRE view and download services in minutes, including metadata generation.
Don’t have the resources to do it on your own? We design and implement End-to-End data harmonisation projects for you.
Do you need to create and deliver environmental reports?

There are several European directives and agreements that require delivery of structured data, such as CDDA, the Water Framework Directive, Air Quality e-Reporting and more. Find out how you can use our tools and services to deliver consistent and compliant reports.

Create national Air Quality data, process Protected Sites data from all over Europe or transform and deliver Water framework Directive data
Set up automatic publishing processes for report data, including validation and quality assurance.
You would like to know how other organisations set up their reporting workflows? Contact us to learn about best practices such as using INSPIRE extensions.
Do you need to transform complex and large data sets?

You have a large Oracle database and need to migrate to a new schema on a PostgreSQL system? You want to create XML, GML or JSON files from your MS Access Databases, Shapefiles or other sources?

Use the power of declarative mapping to easily transform complex structures with hundreds of types or tables.
Get a hale pro subscription to license the hale studio pro plugins to work with enterprise databases such as Oracle.
Analyse existing data and find mismatches to the target system to determine risks in migration, such as data loss or quality degradation.
Do you develop specifications for data exchange?

Your organisation needs to harmonise or connect existing infrastructure and you’re designing the formats and protocols for data exchange?

Data-driven modelling and rapid prototyping of new specifications leads to faster development, with lower risks and costs in implementation.
We’ve supported development of standards such as eCH-0118 and CityGML and can help you with our analysis tools and our agile standards development methodology.
You need to manage Smart Cities or Research Project data?

In research and development projects, far too much time is wasted on acquiring data and making it ready for actual usage. We support research consortia and partners with setting up a data infrastructure. This allows you to organise data collection from existing sources, sensors and citizens, so that you can act based on high-confidence insights.

In this project, we help London, Rome and Hamburg to analyse and provide data sets using hale connect.
Acquire data from project partners and make it accessible to all researchers, design a shared, conceptual model and provide data to new applications and existing tools

We make specifications for data exchange work so that industries can benefit from them faster, with lower risks and costs. You can use our data-driven design and transformation platform to create better specifications. To support specific industries, we provide open, standards-based, integrated solutions that just work end-to-end, e.g. for INSPIRE, the European Spatial Data Infrastructure.