Lower Costs, Lower Risks:
Make your Standards Agile

Design data-driven specifications such as data models and APIs. Analyse and compare models, test how they perform when real data is integrated. Publish data on different platforms to evaluate fitness for purpose.

The Platform for Open Standards

Work in fast iterations through all phases - from analysis over design to implementation and validation - to reap the benefits of standards without implemmentation risks or opportunity costs through long development time!

Design data models, edit transformation projects and publish services - all in one collaborative cloud platform.

Easy to use, easy to configure, easy to integrate. The first complete solution for INSPIRE Data Providers and Consumers.
The tools for open standards data harmonisation. Analyse, transform and validate complex, big data sets with this Open Source Desktops/Server environment.
Faster, Better Standards for a
Smarter World

Build national and international spatial data infrastructures for efficient processes in administration, for citizens and for businesses.

Create INSPIRE compliant Land Cover data with hale studio like the Instituto Geográfico Português
Generate and Serve Buildings, Parcels, Administrative Units with hale studio like the Geovermessung Hamburg
Analyse INTERLIS data to define a better GML 3.2.1 encoding with hale connect

Effective environmental policy requires high-quality data.
Thousands of environmental agencies and other organisations regularly report information about the current state of the environment to national and international coordination bodies. Find out how to do so effectively and with high data quality.

Report national Air Quality data with hale studio like the Belgian Interregional Environment Agency
Process Protected Sites data from all over Europe with hale studio like the European Environmental Agency
Water Framework Directive
Transform and deliver Water framework Directive data like INE
Smart Cities

Make sure your data infrastructure and management keeps up with the dta collection from sensors and citizens, so that you can act based on high-confidence insights.

Analyse and provide data sets for London, Rome and Hamburg with hale connect like in the smarticipate project.
Transform 3D Buildings and urban infrastructure with hale studio
Derive GIS data from BIM data and vice versa with hale studio or hale connect