We work together to bring data together.

wetransform.to is the platform where professionals develop and share data transformation processes.

My transformation project has a lot of aspects...

Solve data integration, harmonisation and transformation tasks.

You have a challenging project to tackle that involves data transformation? With wetransform.to, you are not alone. Get best practices, help others with issues and contribute solutions to your data community. Transformation becomes an opportunity instead of a liability.

  • Develop Transformation Processes: Projects are automatically partitioned into atomic tasks and can be completed by professionals from different domains. Projects can be re-used in parts or entirely.
  • Ask other experts: Get input on any level of your project - review a single reclassification mapping, add a custom transformation function or verify an entire schema mapping.
  • Design Information Models: Share and explore Information Models. Edit and maintain them with your community using fork and merge workflows. When a model is updated, all owners of projects using that model are notified.

Get started fast, work sustainable.

Ever found it hard to get a well-performing data transformation process set up? Creating a transformation process is effectively a hard programming task. It requires technical and domain knowledge in one person to get it right, doesn't it?

  • Easy to access: Our software has no expensive dependencies, and requires no installation. To get started, you only need an account.
  • Easy to use: For every input, our tools provide direct feedback. You see the result of a change interactively, enabling you to understand complex relationships and reach satisfying results quicker.
  • Maintenance and Documentation: Keeping your process maintainable is our mission. Interactive documentation is created for data sources, applied transformations and impacts to data quality.
Easy access, collaboration, maintenance and usage
Hosting and Transforming on the wetransform cloud

Transform and Host in one step.

You have terabytes of data that is updated continually, but you run transformations only once a year because they take so long? With the wetransform.to platform, data transformation and data publishing become one step.

  • Use Complex Data: Help clients and users to easily bring their data to your platform and to use your infrastructure easily.
  • Cloud Transformation: Rely on our infrastructure to execute transformation projects with any data volume. We guarantee security and can offer hybrid cloud hosting in your country.
  • Service Hosting: Host services based on up-to-date data. We offer APIs compliant to OGC, INSPIRE and W3C standards. On-premise hosting is available.
  • Powerful Open Source Foundation: wetransform.to integrates the Free and Open Source Software HALE (HUMBOLDT Alignment Editor) and the Conceptual Schema Transformation Service (CST).