Welcome to the INSPIRE GIS calculator!

INSPIRE GIS is a fully integrated, easy to use solution for the harmonisation and publication of INSPIRE Data. Provide information about your requirements, such as the number and size of data sets you need to harmonise and your desired operation modes, to determine how much INSPIRE GIS would cost for you.

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Choose an operations model - you can either purchase a license and operate the solution on your own IT infrastructure (One Premise), or you can let us operate it, either on shared resources (public cloud) or on dedicated resources (private cloud). Only on premise and private cloud deployments can be customised.

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You can customise the design and content of the application, as well as system configuration, URLs, integrations, certificates, single sign on and other aspects.

You need budget security? These license levels include different amounts of capacity points (CP) by default, ranging from 2.500 for basic over 5.000 for advanced to 15.000 for enterprise. 2.500 CP (Basic level) suffice for View and Download services for 100 datasets at 100 MB each. If you exceed the licensed capacity, extra CP can be purchased anytime.