Quantitative Analysis Annex to the "Fitness for Purpose" study

About this page

In 2017, wetransform worked with BKG to to identify and quantify recommendations for potential changes to the INSPIRE data specifications. The scope of that project was to develop proposals where the INSPIRE Implementing Rules or Technical Guidance should be amended to improve interoperability. Our focus was to find effective proposals that can be implemented with reasonable efforts, but would have a significant impact on the usability of spatial data sets and services. The proposals include concrete references to alternative encoding and simplifications (e.g., multiplicity, voidable, flattening, data type).

To base the recommendations on a concrete, factual basis, we analysed the data models of five INSPIRE Themes (Buildings, Species distribution, Environmental monitoring facilities, Utility and governmental services and Natural risk zones). We specifically looked for patterns that would be problematic for use cases such as Data Management, Data Exchange, Data Transformation, Data Analysis in a Desktop GIS and Data Publishing through INSPIRE Services. This page provides links to the Annex of that study, which contain the detailed analysis results.

A single summary statistics page is available here.