Edit metadata for a data set

Editing metadata can be a time-consuming and sometimes tiresome process. For this reason, the system allows to automate about 95% of the process. The ramnaing fields still have to be filled manually, or edited. Please keep the following hints in mind when manually editing metadata:

  • Your input has to be in the correct format. Some fields will allow any kind of text, while others expect numbers, web links, e-mail addresses, JSON objects or Well-Known-Text (WKT) objects. The round symbols to the left of each input indicate which type of input the system expects. When you hover over these symbols, you’ll get more information.
  • Some fields may be set more than once. To set multiple values, e.g. on «Keywords», click the «+» button below the input field. To remove a field again, click the remove symbol right next to the field.
  • When you edit metadata for any existing data set, each change is saved by the system as soon as you press enter or go to another field. The system indicates this by showing a green border and checkmark on the modified input.

To edit metadata, follow these steps:

  1. Go to «Data» on the main toolbar
  2. Pick the data set from the resource list for which you’d like to edit metadata
  3. Go to «Metadata»
  4. Open one of the metadata categories by clicking on the title or the chevron
  5. Provide a value for any field marked with a red symbol
    • The red symbol changes color to green when you’ve provided a valid value, and the number of remaining fields to be filled indicated with the badge in the category header is updated.
  6. Close the category again and proceed with the next category