FAQs for hale»connect

General questions

Where can I see/access the transformed data on hale»connect?

How can I make sure all services belonging to my source and target data are updated once I update the source data?

Why are no FeatureTypes assigned to a theme that was created together with a new schema?

The Schema location has changed. What do I need to do, so my dataset will validate?

Manage datasets

How can I upload more than one raster dataset?

My data cannot be validated, because the INSPIRE schemas are not available. What can I do?

How can I upload data to hale»connect using the API?

Are pyramids used when working with raster data?

Is it possible to combine and publish shapefiles and raster data in one dataset?


How can I change the automation rules for metadata creation of my Theme?

How can I access/harvest metadata of data and services published on hale»connect?


My dataset using xml data won't publish with a conversion service error Conversion failed. What can I do?

My dataset using existing metadata won't publish with a Feature 'TimePeriod' not found. error. What can I do?

Why is my data displayed with flipped coordinates?

The toggles to publish services during batch upload are not available or the publication of sub-datasets of a series fails with Cannot perform operation 'Transaction': transactions are disabled by configuration. What can I do?

There are more layers displayed than I expect. Why are empty layers displayed?


According to the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines for Metadata version 2.0 a gmx:Anchor element has to be applied for LegalConstraints. Is this implemented in hale»connect?


The WMS is failing schema validation in the INSPIRE Validator. Why?

The INSPIRE Validator is returning multiple NullPointerExceptions for a WFS validation. Why?

The INSPIRE Validator is returning a Severity: ERROR Message: TargetNamespace.1: Expecting namespace '[...]', but the target namespace of the schema document is '[...]'" error for a WFS validation. Why?

Data validation is failing in the INSPIRE Validator with a Error detected: Invalid polygon. Outer ring of polygon is clockwise within element Polygon error. Why?