Attribute coverage

The Attribute coverage section contains a graphic representation of the occurrence of attribute values in all data sets that use this schema. This is highly helpful to determine which parts of a schema are actually used, and where there might be problems.

Click «Expand all» to view all attributes in each data set. Click «Collapse all» to collapse the attribute list. Click the chevron next to the data set name to expand and collapse each data set separately.

Attributes are visualized with a graduated color bar which classifies the occurrence of attribute values into intervals.

  • If all instances of the attribute have the same value, the graduated color bar is displayed as pale green and shows no gradation.
  • If instances of the attribute contain quantitative values, the values are classified into interval ranges and are assigned a graduated color ranging from pale green to dark green. The lowest values are symbolized in pale green and the highest values are symbolized in dark green.
  • The width of the interval is determined by the number of occurrences it contains. Intervals containing a relatively higher number of occurrences are wider than intervals with a lower number of occurrences.

Hover your mouse over the intervals in the graduated color bar to display the value, occurrences and percentage of the attribute, within the interval.