The Mapping section contains the actual transformation rules. It provides a visual representation of the relationships between source and target data elements, such as types and properties. Filter the displayed type relationships using the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Use the search bar to find key words anywhere within the relations.

Each type relation and its associated property relations in the transformation project are displayed in separate panels.

You can add information to your type and property relations in several ways:

  • Description tab – Use the description tab to add documentation
  • Discussion tab- Use the discussion tab as a forum to discuss related issues
  • Tasks tab- Use the task tab to assign related tasks to other users
  • Notes tab- Use the notes tab to maintain a record of related notes

The number of items logged are displayed in a grey badge on each tab.

Click on the blue information icons to view source and target property descriptions.

Click on the red information icons to view or edit the feature type and property type function parameter values.

To delete a type relation or a property relation, click the «remove» icon in the bottom right hand corner of the table.