Configure View Services

All data sets linked to a theme share a common configuration for the creation of view services, such as OGC Web Map Services or INSPIRE View Services. In the View Service configuration, you can adjust aspects such as the type of service, the coordinate reference systems and the cartographic styling.

To edit this configuration, follow these steps as a logged in theme manager or organisation superuser:

  1. Go to «Themes»
  2. Pick the theme you’d like to change the configuration for
  3. Go to «View Services»
  4. Pick the type of service you’d like to publish (as of 1.0, only WMS 1.3.0 and WMTS 1.0.0 are available)
  5. Choose at least one coordinate reference system (CRS) that should be supported. You can add additional CRS by clicking the «+» button.
  6. Decide whether GetFeatureInfo should be enabled or not.
  7. Upload a Styled Layer Descriptor to define the cartographic configuration for the view service.

The Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) has to comply with several requirements. In particular, we use the following structure to define how layers are displayed in the WMS (name, description, style):

<StyledLayerDescriptor version="1.1.0" xmlns:usgovserv="" … >
The SLD you upload must have a valid SLD schema. Make sure to declare all required XML namespaces, in particular those namespaces required for the feature types for which styling is defined in the se:FeatureTypeName element.
If you do not provide an SLD, the system will automatically generate one.