Link and Configure Transformation project

You can associate the same transformation project with one or more themes. Add a new configuration to associate your project with an additional theme. Files in datasets that are linked to the theme are transformed to a different format and schema by means of the transformation project. A common example is to upload non-interoperable data in Shapefile format and to transform it to INSPIRE compliant GML.

To associate a transformation project with a theme, follow these steps as a logged in theme manager or organisation superuser:

  1. Go to «Themes»
  2. Pick the theme you’d like to change the configuration for
  3. Go to «Transformation»
  4. Click on «Add new transformation configuration»
  5. Click on «Select Project»
  6. Choose the applicable transformation project from the list by clicking on the » button
  7. Next, click «Select Target Theme» to choose a theme that the datasets produced by the transformation should be associated with.
  8. Choose the applicable theme from the list by clicking on the » button
  9. Click on «Add configuration»

To delete a transformation configuration, click the red «remove» icon in the top right corner of the transformation configuration dialog.