Create theme

A theme is a re-usable configuration object used to define common settings for data set metadata, service publishing and transformation, for which the theme manager is responsible.

The process for the creation of a theme is typically:

  1. Create Schema
  2. Upload transformation project
  3. Create theme
  4. Edit theme

When you created the schema and transformation project, follow these steps as a logged in theme manager or organisation superuser to create a new theme:

  1. Go to «Themes»
  2. Go to «Create new theme» at the bottom of the theme list
  3. In the first step, decide whether you want to re-use an existing theme configuration by deriving your new theme from the selected one. YOu will be able to edit ever part of the configuration later on.
  4. Assign a name to the theme
  5. Provide additional information, such as a version number, the author, and a description.
  6. Click «Create» to save the theme
When you derive your theme from an existing one, later changes to the original theme do not influence your derived theme.
You can only delete a theme when no data sets are associated with it anymore.