Catalogue Service for the Web 2.0.2 (CSW service)

wetransform provides a catalogue service for the web (CSW) 2.0.2 for users who want to harvest metadata published on the hale»connect platform. The CSW contains both dataset and service metadata.

Please contact support to obtain the CSW GetCapabilities URL.

The CSW GetCapabilities response document lists the supported request operations in the OperationsMetadata element, which include:

  • DescribeRecord
  • GetDomain
  • GetRecords
  • GetRecordById
  • GetRepositoryItem

Each of the request types supports a range of parameters which can be used to query and filter the returns. Requests to the CSW can be made using HTTP GET, HTTP POST (including SOAP encodings of operation requests) and XML encoded POST requests.

The hale»connect CSW also includes an ExtendedCapabilites element which contains additional metadata required for INSPIRE compliancy.

You can explore the hale»connect CSW easily in the QGIS MetaSearch Catalogue Client plug-in. In QGIS 2.0 and higher, the plug-in is installed by default. Navigate to the Web menu in the top row of resource tabs in QGIS, and select MetaSearch from the dropdown menu.

In the MetaSearch dialog, click the Services tab and click New to create a connection to the hale»connect CSW. Give the connection a name, and enter the GetCapabilities URL to the CSW. Click OK.

Next, click the Search tab in the MetaSearch dialog and enter a search term in the Keywords field to explore the available metadata records.

For more information, visit the MetaSearch documentation on the QGIS website.