Add users

As a system administrator, you can enable self-registration of users. If self-registration is not enabled, administrators and organisation superusers need to create all user accounts.

To create a new user account, follow these steps while logged in as an administrator or organisation superuser:

  1. Go to settings (gear symbol)
  2. Go to «Users»
  3. Pick «Create New User» at the bottom of the user list
  4. Enter a name (we strongly recommend using first and last name)
  5. Enter a username under the portrait
  6. Provide a unique e-mail address (every e-mail address may be associated with only one user account)
  7. Pick an organisation for the new user
  8. Pick a role (Data Manager, Theme Manager or Organisation Superuser)
  9. Optionally add a description, contact info and custom fields
  10. Click «Create»

The person you’ve created the account for now receives an activation e-mail. The account will be activated only when the person has clicked the link in the notification and successfully sets a password.

Alternatively, you can create a new user account while managing your organisation. Go to settings (gear symbol), go to «Organisations» and click «Create user» under the portrait.