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INSPIRE 2018 Conference - Grab your INSPIRE Stars
16.07.2018 by Thorsten Reitz, Akshat Bajaj

The stage is set for the 2018 INSPIRE Conference.

This year’s INSPIRE conference takes part from 18th to the 21st of September, right in the time of the harvest. Just like in the German fairy tale “Sterntaler”, we can now start to harvest what we invested into in the past 10 years. Now starts a time where data providers, solution experts and newcomers alike join forces and work towards reaching for the INSPIRE stars. From presentations titled “INSPIRE for children” to workshops for visualizing linked and complex data, the conference offers the opportunity for people of all backgrounds to equip themselves with the knowledge of an efficient INSPIRE Implementation and the chance to grab the INSPIRE stars.

The conference will, as usual, provide you with information on many different topics relevant to the INSPIRE directive. The materials presented will range from technical workshops to case studies. These are the presentations and workshops that that we can recommend:

Tuesday, 18.09.2018

14:00Publishing INSPIRE Services w/Geoserver and Hale (Workshop)Gorilla 3
15:15INSPIRE For ChildrenOkapi 1
16:00Publishing INSPIRE Services w/Geoserver and Hale (Workshop)Gorilla 3

Wednesday, 19.09.2018

09:00INSPIRE Services with GeoServer and HALE: Where are we?Okapi 1

Thursday, 20.09.2018

10:15WFS 3.0 For INSPIREOkapi 1
14:00INSPIRE Annex II+III Data Transformation and Publishing with Hale Studio and Hale Connect (Workshop)Gorilla 3
16:00INSPIRE Annex II+III Data Transformation and Publishing with Hale Studio and Hale Connect (Workshop)Gorilla 3
16:15INSPIRE Based e-Reporting in ItalyGorilla 1

Friday, 21.09.2018

09:00Visualization for Linked and Complex Data (Workshop)Gorilla 4 & 5
11:15Profile Modelling and Metadata Generation Tools- Simplifying INSPIRE Metadata ImplementationOkapi 2

Add these sessions to your agenda, and don’t forget to stop by our booth or set up an appointment with us! Together with our partners, we have prepared quite a few nice surprises. As promised almost a year ago, we accepted the challenge of the hunt for the Golden Pineapple, and we might actually have found one!