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INSPIRE 2020 Conference - The Zen of INSPIRE
02.03.2020 by Christopher Hönn, Akshat Bajaj

The stage will be set for the INSPIRE 2020 Conference in Dubrovnik.

INSPIRE is gaining momentum. The number of datasets that are being transformed is increasing. Simultaneously, the next deadlines approach fast. It is now critical that all processes be running smoothly, all results be of high quality and you can share your experiences with others. This year’s INSPIRE conference has been postponed and is expected to take place in September, right on time before the next INSPIRE deadline.

The wetransform team will be there to listen to you and to share ideas and solutions that provide real value both for data providers and for data users. We will address topics ranging from metadata profile management and dataset series publication to the risks of an INSPIRE implementation and how to make your INSPIRE data useful.

We will also showcase our solution, hale»connect, the user-friendly and automated data management tool that makes INSPIRE easy, efficient and affordable for everyone and has already helped over 200 organizations become INSPIRE compliant.

Stop by at our booth and experience the Zen of INSPIRE.

We will contribute to several presentations and workshops on diverse topics:

Session Title
Keynote Applications and Cross-cutting Issues
Workshop Organisation, Licensing, Technology: Build sustainable solutions on INSPIRE
Workshop Leveraging INSPIRE Data into Artificial Intelligence Applications
Workshop Geopackage, JSON-LD and GeoJSON: Alternative and Additional Encodings
Presentation A Key INSPIRE Use case: WFD eReporting Revisited
Workshop GO-PEG - Generation Of cross border PanEuropean Geospatial Datasets and Services
Presentation 5.000 data sets later: What INSPIRE in the cloud changes
Presentation Alternative Encodings, Alternative APIs, Alternative Models?
Presentation Profiling metadata for reuse in the INSPIRE Validator and GeoNetwork

We will keep you posted on further details and later changes as the program will be rescheduled.