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wetransform Tutorials, Trainings and 1:1 Sessions in the second quarter of 2021
22.03.2021 by Christopher Hönn, Akshat Bajaj

From April 2021 to June 2021, we will provide tutorials, trainings, and 1:1 sessions on identifying and fixing INSPIRE compliance gaps. Here’s the schedule:

Webinars and Sessions

Description Date Price Registration
INSPIRE Solutions for Municipal Service Companies April 20 free Closed
GeoPackage: An alternative encoding for INSPIRE May 18 free Register here
Kommunale Lösungen für INSPIRE und XPlanung June 1 free Register here
INSPIRE Monitoring 2021: Identify Compliance Gaps April 1-30 free E-mail us
INSPIRE Monitoring 2021: Fix Compliance Gaps May 2-31 free E-mail us

INSPIRE Online Trainings

Format Description Audience Date Price
15 Std. Datentransformation nach INSPIRE mit hale»studio Beginners June 14-18 800€
15 hrs Transforming Data to INSPIRE with hale»studio Beginners July 6–10 800€
8 hrs Transformation for Environmental Monitoring Facilities Advanced May 25-27 400€
8 hrs Transformation for Geology and Mineral Resources Advanced June 21-23 400€
8 hrs Mastering complex INSPIRE transformations with Scripts Advanced June 8–10 400€

XPlanung Online Trainings

Format Description Audience Date Price
1 Std. Einführung in XPlanung und XPlanGML All April 7 free
15 Std. Datentransformation nach XPlanung mit hale»studio Beginners April 26-30 800€

To sign up for other events, e-mail us at with the list of events you want to attend and your name and organization. To learn more about the trainings, visit our workshops webpage.