Trusted Open Source product for fast, interactive Data Transformation.
Hale Complex Models

Understand Complex Data Structures

Explore rich specifications interactively, instead of having to read through documents with hundreds of pages of text and tables. Analyse data sets to understand how a specification is actually used.

Hale Schema Mapping

Master Data Transformation in Minutes

Author your data transformation with our easy to learn three-step transformation mapping approach that works even with the most complex specifications:

  1. Choose the source schema element
  2. Choose the target schema element
  3. Select a transformation function and set required parameters
Hale Real Time

Get Immediate Feedback and Validation

Make any change to the transformation mapping and see how transformed data is affected by using the table view, map view and report view. The inbuilt schema validation provides you with detailed information about where you need to improve the transformation mapping.

Hale Standards

Make Open Standards Work

Create and use Open Standards data to its full potential. hale»studio is built from the ground up to support rich open standards such as OGC GML and CityGML, INSPIRE, ALKIS/NAS, IFC or any other XML- or JSON based standard. It also supports PostGreSQL, Oracle, File Geodatabases and many other formats.

Hale Fast Transformation

Process Big Data Fast

With an engine that was designed for real-time transformation of complex data structures, hale»studio is much faster than any other engine on the market. Even On-Demand Transformation of large and complex data sets becomes feasible.

Hale Migrate Quickly

Migrate to New Standards Quickly

Migration to a new version of a schema has never been easier. hale»studio compares new and old schemas, and you only have to create a new transformation mapping bridging the differences between the old and the new version.

Hale Easy Maintenance

Create Easy-to-maintain Transformation Mappings

Export the transformation mapping as rich, interactive documentation, as Matching Table or as a simple document. Annotate the mapping with information on your decisions.

Hale Streamlined Publishing

Streamline the Data Publishing workflow

Transformation is just one step towards for making the most of your data. hale»studio has integrations with GeoServer, deegree, FME, ArcGIS and other software. hale»studio also packs command line and service interfaces for automation of workflows.

Hale Screenshot Complete
Available on Windows, Linux and MacOS.