Beginners, advanced and experienced users can now learn faster, become more productive, and access even more data sources with hale»studio pro:

  • Improve your knowledge and skills on data transformation, INSPIRE, XPlanung and other standards for spatial data with training materials created by our experts.
  • Get one-on-one support for all levels of experience, extensions for enhanced productivity, and connectivity plug-ins.

Your contribution is a win-win: For yourself, as you will get things done more easily.  And for hale»studio, because your support enables further development for future user generations.

Build your personal plan
Continuous Learning Subscription i
499,00 €
» Training videos (INSPIRE, XPlanung & more)
» hale»studio scripts & guidelines
» 25% price reduction on online trainings
Transformation Support i
150,00 €
» On demand 1:1 Expert Support (per hour)
Re-use & Collaboration i
300,00 €
» Collaborate on transformation project development
» Cloud continuous integration testing
Connectivity Plug-Ins i
500,00 €
(each, optional)
» Oracle DB Reader/Writer
» FileGeodatabase Reader
All prices are per named user, per year. The minimum contract duration is 12 months. All prices are without VAT; reverse charge may apply. Invoices have to paid within 30 days of making the order. Please contact us regarding discounts for more users, multi-year subscriptions, server licenses for the connectivity plug-ins and larger support contracts (10+ hours).

Continuous Learning Subscription

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The Continuous Learning Subscription gives you access to an extensive library for self-study, which is continually expanded and updated.

We offer online training courses for beginners and advanced users on our training website. Subscribers of Continuous Learning receive a 25% price reduction for all online courses offered there, up to a course value of 1.000 €, for each one-year subscription period.

The following list provides examples for the training modules:

  • Strategy: Making INSPIRE data useful across technical and national borders
  • Strategy: INSPIRE Tool Comparison: GeoServer, deegree, hale»connect and others
  • Strategy: Implementing INSPIRE - Challenges, Costs & Risks
  • Strategy: Building INSPIRE platforms for municipalities
  • Basics: Introduction to UML and the INSPIRE Conceptual Model
  • Basics: Introduction to XML and INSPIRE GML Application Schemas
  • Basics: Identifying and Publishing Priority Datasets
  • Technology: Avoiding Pitfalls with the INSPIRE Validator
  • Technology: Environmental Monitoring Facilities
  • Technology: Coverage Services for Elevation & Land Cover
  • Technology: Styled Layer Descriptor & WMS
  • Technology: Dataset Series - A powerful approach to manage datasets
  • Technology: Automating your INSPIRE Processes
  • hale»studio: Introduction to transforming data to INSPIRE
  • hale»studio: TOP 10 Challenges with Transforming Data
  • hale»studio: ETF Validation and new 4.0 functions
  • hale»studio: Einführung in die Datentransformation nach INSPIRE (auf deutsch)
  • hale»studio: Datentransformation nach XPlanung (auf deutsch)
  • hale»studio: Neue Funktionen für XPlanung (auf deutsch)
  • hale»connect: An introduction to managing INSPIRE data
  • hale»connect: Automated transformation workflows
  • hale»connect: Metadata configurations
  • hale»connect: Manage your Metadata Profiles easily and effectively
  • hale»connect: Installing hale»connect on premise

You also get access to guidelines, groovy scripts and other resources, such as:

  • CLI Script: Rewrite data with hale»studio command line interface
  • CLI Script: Download WFS data into a single GML file
  • Groovy Script: Make 3D geometries 2D by removing an ordinate from geometries
  • Groovy Script: Perform a spatial test in a Groovy function
  • Groovy Script: Create Nodes from Links
  • Groovy Script: Create a Geometry from Coordinates
  • Groovy Script: MultiLineString to LineString Groovy Script
  • Groovy Script: Create Persistent IDs for Target Objects
  • Groovy Script: Logging and Error Handling
  • Groovy Script: Building a Bounding Box using a Collector
  • Groovy Script: Mapping Attributes on Type Level
  • Groovy Script: Sorting Objects in the Topological Order
  • Guideline: Map geometries correctly
  • Guideline: Can I display features of only one type in the map view?
  • Guideline: Map elements using AnyType

Further topics are in preparation. Just tell us if you want to learn more about the content or if you are interested in other topics.

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Transformation Support

Often, doing it all by yourself is not the most efficient approach. Instead, you can use the competence and experience of the wetransform team and solve your questions quickly and easily:

  • Reduced time and effort of hundreds of users
  • Helped over 100 organisations to harmonise thousands of data sets to open standards
  • One-on-one support on data harmonisation through the Service Desk
  • Very fast response times and resolution mostly on the same day
  • Languages: English ǀ deutsch ǀ français

In combination with the Continuous Learning Subscription, you can book between 1 and 9 support hours. Orders over 10 hours or more receive reduced hourly rates and are also possible regardless of the training subscription. Find out more about our professional support.

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Re-use & Collaboration

hale connect integration - collaboration tools

Instead of re-inventing the wheel you can easily re-use transformation projects from others, collaborate within large teams effectively, and become much more productive:

  • Fully or partially re-use transformation projects shared by others
  • Share your projects with the community to get their input
  • One-on-one support on data harmonisation through the Service Desk
  • Develop projects collaboratively with interactive documentation, discussion and tasks on an individual mapping cell base
  • Test projects continuously with multiple data sets
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Connectivity Plug-Ins

Out of the box, hale»studio open source supports many common file formats, database connections and validators. As part of the pro packages, you can get additional capabilities:

  • Oracle Database Reader/Writer
  • FileGeodatabase Reader
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