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Benefits of the Integrated Platform

Reduce Costs by up to 70%

Through integrated processes and full automation, the provision of up-to-date services and data is greatly simplified. Efforts for implementation and training can be reduced by as much as 70%.

INSPIRE Service Level Agreement

We guarantee the fulfilment of the INSPIRE compliance, availability and performance requirements. This allows you to save up to 80% on provision of resources for hosting and application management.

Get Instant Feedback

Interactive tools, with real-time transformation and validation, give you instant feedback and scale to any complexity.

Use Beyond INSPIRE

Create and publish reports, data and services for WFD, FFH, Natura2000 and many other application and services. No additional legacy tools and processes are required.

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Deployment: Full Service or Full Control?

Choose the operation model that fits your needs.

Public Cloud

Wetransform hosts INSPRIE GIS in Germany on shared resources

Private Cloud

Wetransform hosts INSPIRE GIS on dedicated resources on a server you select

On Premise

You host the software in your own infrastructure

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What makes INSPIRE GIS Unique

An integrated platform that seamlessly connects your INSPIRE key components. Scalable INSPIRE services that enable you to design, transform and publish data. INSPIRE Compliance fulfilment guarantee that saves your resources. Here is the list of all INSPIRE GIS features, available now.

Integrated platform with multiple operation models and easy data management

Seamless integration

In INSPIRE GIS, key components for design, transformation, validation, publication and metadata management all work together seamlessly.

One Platform for all Standards

Through easy extensibility, you can create and publish reports, data and services for INSPIRE, ALKIS, XPlanGML, WFD, FFH, Natura2000, and many other applications. You can also use the integrated modelling tools to build your own data structures.

Support for Multiple Operations Models

Choose the operation model that fits your needs. Manage and deploy the solution on your own IT infrastructure (On premise). If you don’t want to dedicate your resources to the hosting and application management, let us manage the solution in our shared public cloud resources or on your dedicated resources (private cloud).

Data Management

Even with hundreds or thousands of data sets, data management is still easy. You can be sure that your services are always up to date.

Design, Transform and Publish INSPIRE Data

Publish services in seconds

With INSPIRE GIS you have the support for scalable INSPIRE Download services and INSPIRE View Service (Atom-Feed, WFS2.0) as well as for Publishing Metadata, Dataset Metadata and Service Metadata.

Data Transformation made for INSPIRE

INSPIRE GIS builds on the powerful hale transformation engine. Hale supports fast data transformation from more than 30 file and database formats to INSPIRE data specifications. Transformation projects are created in the open source hale studio application.

INSPIRE Compliance and Quality of Service

We guarantee fulfilment of the INSPIRE compliance, availability and performance requirements, so that you do not have to provide massive resources for hosting and application management and can save up to 80%.
Availability: The probability of a Network Service to be available is 99 % of the time
Service Performance: Maximum 5 seconds for Get Map response in normal situation

INSPIRE Data & Metadata Validation

INSPIRE GIS integrates multiple validation applications to provide immediate feedback whether a data set or service is compliant to the technical specifications. Checks include service & metadata validation based on the GDI-DE Testsuite as well as advanced data checks based on the OGC GML 3.2 Conformance Test Suite.

INSPIRE Themes Coverage

INSPIRE GIS is made by the INSPIRE experts! All 34 INSPIRE data specifications can be implemented fully, so that your data becomes truly useable in other systems.

Use and collaborate having all key components integrated seamlessly

Easy to use

Simple and guided workflows help you to easily provision data, and to reduce training costs. Workflows such as updating data sets and services on changes can be fully automated.

User Management

Adjust your settings to add or remove users, assign roles and rights, delete user accounts, manage organizations and subsidiaries and do a lot of other similar activities to manage all your users with ease.

Community contribution and collaboration features

Being part of the INSPIRE GIS community enables you to re-use solutions that others have developed, e.g. for transformation projects. Collaborate effectively in your team by working with task and sharing comments on any resource type.

Customize design and integration for On Premise and Private Cloud Deployments

You can customise the design and content of the application, as well as system configuration, URLs, integrations, certificates, single sign on and other aspects of the application.

TCO Calculator

Calculate the cost of your INSPIRE GIS deployment for your requirements using the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator. Also, compare the total cost of of ownership of INSPIRE GIS to other existing options.

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Our Partner Network

With our strong and reliable partner network, we drive our customers’ success and provide more value with expertize, innovative solutions and integrations.

At Wetransform, we see our partners as key contributors in enabling us to offer relevant and sophisticated services to our customers.

We team up with Services, Technology and Distributions Partners that support us with solution implementation, the latest technological advancements and distribution of our software.

Learn more about our partners

Spatineo is the European Quality Assurance expert for spatial web services with strong OGC and INSPIRE expertise.
Spatineo helps organizations to optimize their investments in the Spatial Data Infrastructure and prove the value of their spatial information and web services. We offer easy-to-use cloud-based applications for usage analytics, service level monitoring and performance testing, specifically developed for spatial web services. Our mission is to help our customers to improve the use and usability of spatial web service technologies.
Spatineo has tens of international customers from different industries such as mapping, cadastral and land registry authorities, environmental and natural resources organizations, transport agencies, IT service providers, cities, regions and municipalities.
Spatineo is a member of OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium), an active contributor and strongly committed to the technical development of theINSPIRE Directive, with in-depth involvement in the standardization work support to make sure standards and technical guidances are practical and helpful.

Integration: Advanced Monitoring

  • Performance and Availability Monitoring of Services
  • Integrated status overview dashboard in INSPIRE GIS
  • Configuration of Maintenance Windows

Geosparc designs, develops and brings to market geospatial solutions for smart cities and governments. Our solutions, based on open source software, result in better decision-making, more efficient operations and brand new insights. In doing so we help smart cities and governments unlock the full potential of spatial information contributing to a smarter, safer and more eco-friendly world.

Integration: Mass Publisher

  • Publish thousands of data sets from a single source
  • Adapt transformations and metadata generation automatically
  • Support for multiple database and map servers

M.O.S.S. Computer Grafik Systeme GmbH offers smart GIS solutions and efficient data management environments for large spatial datasets. We put great emphasis on optimizing large volumes of geographical vector data and specifically of raster data, point clouds and 3D-data and on integrating them into existing IT and processing environments. Our solutions manage data in a process oriented environment which covers data the maintenance as well as its provision to different applications and domains including the related transformation to match the user requirements and expectations. M.O.S.S. technology is used for setting up SDIs even if the term SDI is unknown to the user.
M.O.S.S. offers off-the-shelf solutions and consulting, training and provision of services. We focus on public administration (surveying, forestry and environmental authorities), public utilities and the sector of renewable energies, in particular wind power plants. We cater to the needs of our customers with our mature and field-tested applications and advance their spectrum in close cooperation with our active user networks.
Customer support is provided by the head office in Taufkirchen near Munich and the Dresden branch as well as CADMAP Consulting Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH in Essen, a subsidiary of M.O.S.S..

Integration: novaFactory

  • Process raster data sets for INSPIRE compliance
  • Publish Web Coverage Services automatically
  • Convert from raster to vector and vice versa

Geograma is a Spanish company, founded in 1998, specialized in providing solutions and services of Geo-Information for the public administration and private companies.
Geograma’s areas of expertise comprises of data collecting, data processing and analysing of geographical information. With over 19 years in the geographical information industry, its specialized staff are experienced team-players in international projects, with demonstrated expertise working for entities in Belgium, France, Ireland, Turkey, Colombia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.
Geograma is covering the full lifecycle of geospatial data, offering specialized survey data collection as well as geospatial data treatment and management. Such geo-information activities feed into our GIS business system, customized product implementation to diverse industries, turn key developments of GIS software, as well as additional services such as consultancy and technical courses. Apart from being software integrators, we are also known within the industry for making solutions work, by integrating spatial data, geo-technology and processes.

Integration: Geostreet Maker

  • Set up complex map viewers without programming
  • Extract the added value of your INSPIRE web services
  • Manage all the map viewers of your organization together

Epsilon Italia is an independent SME established in 1996 in Mendicino (IT).
The company provides the end users with innovative and technologically advanced solutions in the geospatial domain (GIS, WEBGIS, SDIs, Satellite Remote Sensing, GI Standards).
Since the entry into force of the European INSPIRE Directive EC/02/2007, the company has been providing professional technical services related to the implementation of the legally binding requirements of the Directive.
In 2016 Epsilon Italia launched the INSPIRE Helpdesk web portal to support all INSPIRE implementers in the overall harmonisation process: from transformation and validation of heterogeneous source data and metadata to the publication of network services.
Epsilon Italia offers technical support and vocational training to Public Administrations and private entities and it is also deeply involved in Research & Development activities, carried out in partnership with national and international Universities and Research Centers.
It was/is responsible of work packages and tasks related to INSPIRE implementations in many projects co-funded by the European Commission under different programs (FP7, ICT-PSP, LIFE, Leonardo, Erasmus).
It is an OGC member and is actively involved in dissemination and exploitation activities toward the GeoICT companies, capitalizing the experience gained in leading the FP7Coordination and Support Action smeSpire.

Integration: EEnvPlus Advanced Validator

  • In-depth validation of harmonised data
  • Helpful information on how to improve data quality
  • Covers Annex II and III, as well as extensions

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