Research Data Management

In many research projects, time for innovation is short: Only after months of data discovery, data collection, integration and quality assurance, novel research can happen. Especially in data-intensive research, scientists spend between 50 and 80% of their time and effort in tasks related to data management.

Research Time Infographic

Do you face any of these challenges in your project?

Acquire data from project partners and make it accessible to all researchers

All project partners use the dataset manager to upload data from day one. Research quickly find relevant data. We support versioning and branching, and make it easy to keep up to date.

Design a shared, conceptual model

Use the explorative modelling tool to quickly reach an understanding of existing standards. Collaborate effectively to build your own conceptual models and use them directly to integrate data.

Deal with many different formats and data models

Handle more than 20 common file formats ranging from XML to JSON to Shapefiles, XLS and SQLite, plus databases and service standards.

Integrate and harmonise multiple data sets into one

Ensure you get reliable research results by harmonising multiple data sets into one consistent data set.

Understand data quality and coverage

Find out which parts of your shared models are covered by which data. Find gaps, inconsistencies and excess, and validate data against defined schemas and rules.

Provide data to new applications and existing tools

Create a transformation project to restructure and convert data as required by your existing or new research tools. Use our fast cloud transformation engine to deal with large or real-time data sets.

How will we work with you?

We typically get involved during the proposal phase of a research project. We contribute…:

  • As a subcontractor if our standard process and tools closely matches your requirements
  • As a partner if substantial tool customisation or other R&D work is required

During the project, we work with you to continually improve data management in a similar way a Scrum Master helps a software development team resolve roadblocks and to continually get more efficient.

Our workflow

We can help you to complete your research successfully through our expertise in more than 25 different projects:

[HALE is...] The product of a FP7 project where more was achieved than lengthy, silly “deliverable” documents which no one ... really no one ... not even the Project Officer, nor the boss of the Project Officer, nor the boss of the boss of the project officer is interested in reading.
Olav Peeters - eReporting via HALE
In Smarticipate, we empower citizens and other stakeholders to truly interact with smart city data. wetransform's approach and platform enables us to get a running start and provide new capabilities within weeks of the project's start.
Dr. Joachim Rix, Coordinator of Smarticipate