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What is the Total Cost of Ownership of your Spatial Data Services Solution?
11.07.2017 by Thorsten Reitz, Anida Jusufovic

When we started working on our business plan, we collected as much data as we could about the cost of implementing and maintaining spatial data infrastructures. We used data from our own projects, from a survey conducted via the SMESpire project, from tender databases and from existing publications to find out what drives costs in implementation and the maintenance of INSPIRE services.

Now, we would like to share what options you have to make provision and usage of INSPIRE services accessible and affordable. Based on the data we’ve collected over three years, we’ve built a Total Cost of Ownership calculator and integrated it with the INSPIRE GIS pricing tool. It only requires a account to login.

Calculate and compare costs of different INSPIRE service implementation approaches

The methodology we use calculates the “system unit cost” based on the amount of data and the types of services to be deployed. We take typical costs for custom integration of existing infrastructure into account as well. Finally, we include the costs of maintenance and keeping up to date with new versions of INSPIRE and other standards.

Initial feedback to the Total Cost of Ownership calculator has been highly positive, so we decided to share this tool with the community:

Calculate INSPIRE GIS fees and compare Total Cost of Ownership of other solutions!